At Rehab and Retreat we work hard to create a memorable, safe, and enjoyable experience for all of our amazing clients. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, to retain privacy for our client’s and their families, full names have been removed from testimonials.

Have a look at what some of our past clientele have to say about us:


1) How long has your loved one been attending the day program?

Since April 2014.


2) How would you describe R&R in three words?

Excellent caring therapy.


3) Have you noticed any changes with the way that your loved one’s been behaving/feeling as a result of being a part of their day program?

She is very happy when I pick her up from an afternoon at R&R.


4) How has R&R helped you as a caregiver so far?

It has given me worry free time for other things.


5) Do you find that R&R offers Care, Compassion, and Comfort in what they do for the clients?

Y E S!  And a therapeutic program!

“The care staff at the retirement community have remarked to me that they find my father to be much more alert / engaged since I began taking him to Rehab & Retreat.  I myself find that his outlook has improved dramatically and that his disposition is much brighter.”

- Son of a Rehab and Retreat client

“We appreciate the wonderful care and ‘home-like’ atmosphere of Rehab and Retreat. The special individual care to the clients is encouraging to both the client and caregiver.”

- Client's Caregiver

“I find the staff very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this care/support to others who need assistance.”

- Client's Caregiver

“[Rehab and Retreat provides] a warm and inviting environment for my son. The programming that [is provided] has made a difference in my relationship with my son. I would highly recommend your service to others.”

- Client's Mother

“[The Therapists at Rehab and Retreat] have taken the time to develop considerable understanding both of my father’s deficits and his remaining abilities; as a result they have been offering him challenges that build on his strengths / reinforce his confidence and therapies that assist him in remaining largely independent.  On more than one occasion – when I have picked my father up at the end of a day – I have been very gratified to find him engaged in a project making a gift for one of his grandchildren, and see a look of purpose / satisfaction on his face.”

- Client's Son

1) What has been your favourite part about this day program?

  • Understanding staff
  • Peaceful environment, relaxing environment
  • Very easy to learn about who you and how you fit in with society

2) Do you feel cared for here? 

Yes – staff are very comforting, outgoing, and understanding to make up for any feelings of loss if any are had or felt.

3) Do you feel comfortable being here? 

Yes – “very!”


4) How would you describe this day program in one word?


5) Do you find that the staff is accommodating for your needs today?

Yes, very understanding. Able to put themselves in your situation and understand individual’s background.

Has a loved one spent time at Rehab and Retreat Senior Care Specialists?

We’d love to hear about your experience.


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