What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapists are registered health care professionals that assist people in performing activities that are meaningful to them. An occupational therapist has gone to university to study emotional, cognitive and physical aspects of the human body and what to do if someone experiences a disability or illness. At Rehab and Retreat, our occupational therapists help maintain and improve our clients’ current functioning. Through different occupational therapy assessments, interventions and modalities, our clients and their caregivers can see improvements in their activities of daily living and emotional state of mind.

What do occupational therapists do?

A companion assisting a client with cerebral palsy

​Post-rehab conditioning

We can assist clients in their home who have been discharged from a facility or community exercise program. Examples of conditions clients often experience who have benefited from our program: Stroke, hip replacement, and cerebral palsy.

A client with an adapted physical exercise plan

Adapted physical exercise

We often assist clients in their home who are experiencing a general decline in conditioning and may or may not have some cognitive deficits due to dementia. Our occupational therapist can build and facilitate exercise programs based on client and caregivers goals.

Clients taking a cognitive assessment

Cognitive assessments

We can assist clients and family members who may have questions about current cognitive functioning and safety. There are screens and assessments that can be performed when progressive memory problems and periods of sadness are apparent in a person.

A companion assessing the safety of home equipment

Home safety assessments

We can assist clients to live in their home for as long as possible. Using different routines, equipment and modalities we can assist people in maintaining safety and independence


Power mobility assessment

Our occupational therapist can offer a scooter or power-chair assessment and training course before a person takes the motorized device out onto the street or facility.

Additional Services

Physical therapy can be arranged if required. R&R can contract a number of Health Care professionals, including registered nurses if the caregiver requires a little help in that department. If you are unsure about which type of services may best suit your client or loved one, please get in touch.

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