Playing in the winter snow or snuggling under the mistletoe, no one wants to be left out! R&R wants to share a few tips on how you can make a more senior-friendly holiday this season!
1. Typically, seniors are more alert earlier in the day. Try scheduling family festivities and celebrations a little earlier to accommodate for your loved one.

2. Keep decorating simple. If you live with a senior, decorating is a great visual stimulation. But over decorating can become a hazard. Keep cords off to the side and ensure hanging decorations are secure. Having a senior help decorate the place is also a great way to get them stretching and into the holiday spirit, so long as you keep in mind that any heavy lifting can cause a shift in their balance and potentially cause a fall.

3. Away from your loved one? Have someone set up a skype account so you can be sure to have that face to face conversation over the holidays. Most living facilities have access to a computer anyways which makes things easily accessible. May we suggest even having someone from R&R come into your loved ones home to help them out? We can bring ipads and read out emails to them if you’re not in the city!  

4. Create a video of all the festivities that happen at this time of year. It’s a great way to remember each year, but can also be a very meaningful gift for your senior to take home. It’s a great visual, but even hearing familiar voices can be soothing. It’s a great conversation starter and even a pick-me-up throughout the year. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

5. Reconsider your menu if you plan on hosting Christmas dinner. Depending on your loved one, softer foods tend to be easier to enjoy. If Mom or Dad is making the meal, perhaps you even treat them by giving them a break and preparing dinner yourself! It’s a great way to learn the family secret recipes and makes for a memorable meal.

6. If your loved one has dementia, try keeping their routine as similar as possible to minimize stress and confusion. If they typically have dinner at 5:00 PM, then try having dinner served for that time. If they have a particular spot at the table they like to sit at, try reserving it for them despite the full house. 

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