Walking side by side through your neighborhood, reminiscing about where the kids used to play. Re-potting blossoming flowers or giving the fence a fresh layer of paint. Reaching a new personal best on the winnings of crib and filling the home with the smell of warm savory lasagna with sweet basil. This is what R&R companion care services look like.

While there are plenty of companies that offer home care for seniors, our companion care services may be the best choice for you and your family. We offer caregiver respite that leaves you feeling confident your loved one is being taken well cared for. With staff training provided by a local Occupational Therapist, we can adapt communication and daily living activities to best suite individual needs.

When Companion Care Services Means Caregiver Respite!

Companionship can take on many different identities. At R&R we are the friend for socializing, the helping hand doing household chores and the professional assisting with personal care and medication. When caregivers need respite relief, we step in to ensure care goals are being met. By creatively incorporating care objectives in everyday activities, we are able to monitor changes while encouraging independence. For instance, we will supervise and facilitate baking to ensure fine motor skills are being exercised. Additionally, you may even catch us at the grocery store, picking up dinner ingredients for tonight’s meal. Not only is this a great exercise for the body, but for the mind too! Ultimately, our companion care services allows seniors to practice safe independence and remain living at home for longer.

Caring for a loved one can be a full-time job; our caregiver respite services let you take the break you deserve.We adapt our companion care services to the specific needs of your loved one.Our companions specialize in home care for seniors and those with dementia.

It won’t be long until you’ll think we’re family!

Need a hand with household chores? We do that. Need to increase strength and flexibility before surgery? We do that. Want to try something new or engage in activities you once did? We do that. Want to feel productive while your loved one is safe at home with someone who cares? Yes, we do that too.

Call us today to stop your ongoing search for quality companion care services and to start your worry-free caregiver respite relief today!

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