Laughter and smiles at the Day Program

R&R Care’s Erica & Loana (a.k.a. my supervisor :)) At this point in my practicum, I have attended around six day programs so far.  Every single one that I’ve witnessed and participated in never failed at making someone laugh… and it’s contagious! ...

The Importance of Self Care

Within around the five-week mark of my practicum, I noticed something different emotionally and physically.  I was feeling more run down, sad, and unmotivated than how I felt during the first few weeks of my practicum as I went about my days at home, school, and at...

Creating a Senior-Friendly Holiday

​Playing in the winter snow or snuggling under the mistletoe, no one wants to be left out! R&R wants to share a few tips on how you can make a more senior-friendly holiday this season! 1. Typically, seniors are more alert earlier in the day. Try scheduling family...
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